Drakes Flight Book

Drake’s Flight is…

A mother daughter collaboration in art and literature ~

A chance to blend the spiritual world with the physical world ~

An opportunity to connect to the animals that are here to teach ~

A realization that virtues can be found along a riverbank or high on a sandstone cliff ~

A journey to our inward realm ~

A few lessons to enlighten~

And, an opportunity to experience a year of growth in an interactive, meaningful way~


Photo of Tara

My name is Tara, and I’m twelve years old. I care deeply for animals, nature, and art. I was diagnosed with a childhood anxiety order called selective mutism when I was five. I am unable to speak in certain situations and to certain people. I find peace when I am engaged in creating, building, molding, painting, designing, and basically anything that has to do with art. This book is an expression of me in many ways. The stories and the dioramas came to my mom and me through our dreams. Things just flowed and we began working on the project together. I have really enjoyed making the animals out of clay. Pierce, the Porcupine, was my favorite to make. I think he turned out really cute. I hope you will enjoy the stories and practice the lessons the animals will teach you over the year. Giving to others and remembering the important role of honoring yourself as a unique person will make you feel alive and free.

SAMPLE STORY — February: Pierce, the Porcupine, on Love

Pierce, the Porcupine     Pierce, the Porcupine

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Drake’s Flight
Twelve Tales From Tara’s Heart
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